Our full range of cosmetic tattoo services provide sculpted but natural results for your eyes and lips. We offer years of experience and free personalised consultations to achieve the look that suits you best.

You can choose from a number of techniques for eyes, from lash line enhancements to feather touch, powder and ombre brows. We also offer flexible combination treatments. 

Our lip blush pigment is also a very popular way to achieve beautifully full, naturally blushed lips. This technique is perfect for enhancing your natural lip shape or correcting slight imperfections, the results are long-lasting and fuss-free.


In early 2020 TruYou Cosmetic Clinic and BTW Brow Academy became 'sister companies'. Established by Penny Honey in January 2019 The Brow Academy quickly grew a loyal following and in a similar time frame TruYou Cosmetic Clinic was also quickly evolving. 

It was instinctive for the two businesses to combine, extending the collaboration of experienced practitioners who all believe in providing the best possible cosmetic enhancements for our clients, achieving natural results, with expertise and care. Together, Penny and Suzie are the TruYou Cosmetic Tattoo team.

In addition to offering a full range of personal brow and lip services, we are expanding Penny's successful Cosmetic Tattoo training courses. As part of our new business The Northland Cosmetic Academy (NCA) we will focus on wider cosmetic practitioner education, and will soon offer training in advanced appearance medicine techniques as well.

A new dedicated website for NCA is coming soon, in the meantime you can find out more about our upcoming cosmetic tattoo courses HERE.



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