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Freckles, age spots, sun spots, liver spots or simply 'pigmentation'; whatever name you may have for it, irregular skin discolouration is a common and sometimes distressing problem caused by various factors. It can appear from a very young age, or later on, generally triggered by hormonal changes, acne, overexposure to UV radiation, some inflammatory skin disorders and other environmental factors.

Pigmentation refers to changes in the melanin (pigment) of your skin, it's important to note there are different types and they do not all respond to the same treatments. Because of this, receiving the correct diagnosis for the type of pigmentation you’re experiencing is essential if you are going to benefit from treatment.


FRECKLES: The most common type of skin pigmentation, freckles develop after repeated exposure to sunlight, particularly if you have a fair complexion. They appear darker during the sunny months and fade in the winter. Heredity factors also influences freckling.

SOLAR LENTIGINES (Liver or Sun Spots): These are pigmented spots with a clearly defined edge, may occur occur anywhere on the body and vary in colour. These spots are caused by UV sun exposure and the degree depends on how much UV light these melanin pigments are exposed to. These must be monitored annually, as there is a chance they may develop into skin cancer and melanoma.

POST-INFLAMMATORY HYPER PIGMENTATION: This is a response to injury of the skin and can be the result of acne, burns, friction or aggressive clinical treatments, such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser and IPL. This condition often resolves with time and generally responds to topical products, although it can recur. 

MELASMA: Melasma or chloasma is skin pigmentation that is deeper in the skin’s dermis. It appears on the face as larger brown patches with a non-distinct border. Though causes are unknown, it is often stimulated by hormonal increases and is made worse with UV exposure, some medications, pregnancy and stress.


Depending on the type of pigmentation that is concerning you, there will be a treatment or combination of treatments that will achieve the most effective results.

The pigmentation treatments we offer include:
- Plasmage
- Mesotherapy Micro Needling
IPL Photo Rejuvenation
- MeLine Peel

It's important to note that some common laser treatments may cause hyper or hypo pigmentation if the pigmentation type has not been assessed and diagnosed correctly. That's why we always recommend a comprehensive complimentary facial assessment. 


Due to both external (eg environmental pollution and sun damage) and internal factors (genetics or hormonal), our skin ages, losing elasticity and slowing down cell turnover.

The result is the development of lines, wrinkles and a laxity of the skin. Additionally, sun damage and pigmentation of the skin occurs causing uneven colouring and ‘age spots’ giving an aged or tired look to the skin. Skin may also be pigmented due to hormonal factors; a condition known as ‘melasma’.

A ‘MeLine’ Dermal Peel is a treatment designed to remove the most superficial layers of the skin, to stimulate cell renovation and collagen production. The consequent resurfacing of the skin gives an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles as well as even skin tone and / or elimination of melasma (hormonal pigment).

The ‘MeLine’ treatment package provides you with a course of 3 salon based, chemical peels approximately one month apart, along with all you home care products!


Q. How long will the results last?
A. The collagen stimulating effects will last between 18 – 36 months (or as long as collagen would normally last in the individual).

Q. How often should I repeat the treatment?
A. The in-clinic chemical peel should be repeated x3, approximately one month apart.

Q. How long does the treatment take?
A. The appointment will be approximately 45 - 60 minutes long.


Depending on the number of sessions required to achieve the best results, a MeLine Peel starts from:

MeLine Peel$1400

Please remember this is guide pricing only. The best way to find out how much your treatment will cost is to book a free facial assessment so you will know what the exact cost will be before we start treatment.


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