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Bioregenerative aesthetics, often referred to simply as "bioregenerative treatments," refers to a range of non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments designed to 'renovate' your skin. In other words, we are 'skin renovators'!

We are all going to age but now the tools are available to slow down this process. Traditional cosmetic procedures are being reinvented as groundbreaking innovations harness the power of the body’s natural regenerative abilities to restore, rejuvenate, and repair the skin.

TruYou is now offering Sunekos treatments in Whangarei. This new technology can help rejuvenate your skin by reducing fine lines and revitalizing the skin’s texture. This approach offers natural-looking results, reduces the risk of complications, and has minimal downtime.

How long will the treatment take?

The length of treatment will depend on the particular area being treated. Your practitioner will be able to answer your specific treatment needs.

Will it hurt?

Sunekos is a non-invasive medical treatment consisting of a series of multiple injections that are relatively painless. Topical anaesthetic can be applied prior to treatment if required.

What is the downtime?

Sunekos treatments in Whangarei clinic normally lasts about 15-20 minutes and at the end you can immediately resume normal activities.

How many treatments do I need?

It is recommended to have a series of 3 treatments, 14 days apart to achieve optimal results. However, changes will be visible after the first treatment session.

Is Sunekos safe?

Sunekos has a favourable safety profile and is made from Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids which are substances already present in the human body and over time they are naturally reabsorbed.

When will I see the results?

You’ll start to see results as soon as 7 – 10 days after treatment, which will improve over time and become more noticeable around 4-6 weeks.

SUNEKOS under eye treatment

If you struggle with dry, thin skin and a lack of  volume, Sunekos is a great choice for treating the entire face.

However, when there is a loss of plumpness in just the periocular (eye) area,  Sunekos offers the ideal spot solution.

The Sunekos formula combines Hyaluronic Acid with Amino Acids and is therefore able to regenerate the Extra Cellular Matrix of the skin. The result is plumper skin which is deeply hydrated.

The treatment reduces the appearance of the wrinkles by boosting natural Elastin and Collagen production deep inside your skin. (Dermal fillers still remain the choice of treatment for major volume loss).

Get in touch and ask about our Sunekos eye treatment today! 

Sunekos containing hyaluronic acid and amino acids is a class III medical device that modifies the structure of mature skin, restoring volume, filling wrinkles and folds in the skin and in scar sites. Sunekos has risks and benefits. Sunekos should not be used on patients: with known hypersensitivity to any of its components; presenting with a general infection, inflammation or irritation in the area to be treated; or in patients predisposed to coagulation disorders. A local reaction may rarely occur, caused by hypersensitisation phenomena, with symptoms that include oedema and sensation of burning and/or itching. These reactions normally resolve within two days. Consult your healthcare professional to see if Sunekos is right for you. For more information refer to the instructions for use.


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