An experienced team of registered nurses and cosmetic practitioners specialising in a boutique service providing appearance medicine treatments in several convenient locations including Kerikeri, Tutukaka and Gisborne, with our main clinic located in Whangarei.


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Vanity vs Sanity?

One of the most common phrases we hear in our clinic is, “am I just being vain?”. Being asked this question so often, prompted me to do a bit of research and confirm that our perspective is oneRead more

All about Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Botulinumtoxin A (or BoNTA for short) is the generic name given to the actual substance injected for anti-wrinkle treatments.  Anti-wrinkle treatment is made by different companies and marketedRead more

Fears people have about Cosmetic Tattooing

Considering getting your eyebrows done? As your most important facial feature, it’s well worth making sure they look their best. A low-maintenance way to ensure they stay absolutely flawless is to Read more

Dermal (Hyaluronic Acid) Filler: FAQs

Dermal (Hyaluronic Acid) Fillers have been used throughout the world for more than 40 years; however, we still find that a lot of clients are unaware of exactly what this is and how it works. HereRead more

The History of Microneedling

Think microneedling is a “new thing” in facial cosmetic procedures? Think again!! Let’s return to Ancient Asia, specifically China, and acupuncture. At the time, no one thought to document theRead more

Loving Local Business

Whether your friend has a small, local business or you have discovered a wonderful local business online or in your community, lets show them some love! Here are a few ways you can support localRead more

Get Hooked on the Hybrid Look!

The biggest buzzword in the lash tech industry right now is ‘Hybrid Lashes’.Read more

Cosmetic Tattoo - Trust the Process

If you are new to cosmetic tattoo for brows, considering it for the first time or just keen to know more about how it all works, this blog will help provide some more detail. Firstly, it's important Read more

New to Appearance Medicine? Here's Our Top Tips for Getting Started.

Everyone’s journey into Appearance Medicine starts differently, for me it was the day I looked in the mirror and felt the image looking back at me was no longer a true reflection of the person I feRead more

Two Businesses Combine

In early 2020 TruYou Cosmetic Clinic and BTW Brow Academy became 'sister companies'. Established by Penny Honey in January 2019 The Brow Academy quickly grew a loyal following and in a similar timeRead more

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