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Zapping the Zits: What to do about Acne?

As a 35 year old woman, it was embarrassing that I still got acne! I tried so hard to hide it and clear it up, but it wasn’t until I spoke with the TruYou Crew that I learned all the things I thought would help (like daily exfoliation and topical ointments such as tea tree oil) were actually making it worse! Thanks to the girls at TruYou, I now have my acne under control, so thought I would share a bit of information about what to do for your acne…

Acne is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead cells, causing whiteheads, blackheads or pimples. Depending on its severity and how you treat it (I’m talking squeezing and picking here!), acne can result in scarring.

Acne is most common among hormonal teenagers, although it affects people of all ages. With the rise of Covid-19, more and more people are suffering from acne, given the masks we wear can cause ‘Macne’ (mask acne). Macne manifests itself as sores or a rash of spots on the face from mask irritation.  “What people don’t realise is that, while [people] are protecting themselves against the virus, bacteria continue to grow behind the mask”, says Dr Iona Weir, a PhD cell biologist from NZ.

So, what can you do about acne?

Acne treatment depends on a wide range of factors, including what kind of acne it is, the severity, as well as your skin type and lifestyle.

If the acne is hormonal, initially we recommend good skin care products to try and balance the skin and regulate oil production. We have a range of quality products available, including Noon Aesthetics and Innoaesthetics. Mesotherapy treatments, such as Micro-Needling or Crystal Gun, can deliver serums that can help clear up acne – although these are recommended once there are no longer lots of ‘pustules’. These two collagen induction therapies also help diminish acne scarring, reduce pore size, and improve redness and rosacea.

If the acne is caused by environmental factors, such as Macne, the treatments are slightly different because there aren’t the same hormonal influences. This acne is more commonly caused by sweat, oil and lack of sunlight, so good skin products, light treatments and dermal peels are recommended.Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) works by killing the bacteria on your skin through a “zap” of light; whilst ourSkin Recovery peel is perfect for oily skin regulation, folliculitis and red acne scars.

What about medication?

Over the many years of being in this industry, TruYou has had the opportunity to teach a lot of young people about the things they can do to help prevent acne. Doctors often throw a quick fix medication to people (teenagers in particular), called ‘Doxycycline’; however, this has been linked to mood swings and depression, which is why we are passionate about offering other treatments that are safer, before resorting to pharmaceutical interventions as a last resort.

How will I know what treatment is right for me?

Often a combination of treatments may be needed to get the best results, so talk to one of our experts today, who will work with you to create an individually tailored treatment plan!

Love Lucy


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