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If you suffer from acne, we can help!

What treatment is required for acne depends on a wide range of factors, including what kind of acne it is, the severity, as well as your skin type and lifestyle.

If the acne is hormonal, initially we recommend good skin care products to try and balance the skin and regulate oil production. Mesotherapy treatments (such as Micro-needling or the Crystal Gun) can deliver serums that can help – although these are recommended once there are no longer lots of ‘pustules’. Dermal peels are great too!

If the acne is caused from environmental factors, such as 'Macne', the treatments are slightly different because there isn’t the same hormonal influences. This acne is more commonly caused by sweat, oil and lack of sunlight, so good skin products, red light treatments, facials and dermal peels would be recommended.


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MeLine Products

MeLine BB Cream

MeLine BB cream not only hides your skin imperfections but corrects them as well! With added SPF 30+, it also protects your skin from sun damage.

In MeLine, we have found a range of day and night treatments from Europe to specifically treat any type of pigmentation problem according to your skin colour and type:

  • MeLine Gentle foam: Cleanse your face before applying your day and night creams.
  • MeLine Skin Day cream: An invisible cream to treat your skin during daytime.
  • MeLine Skin Night: Apply at night and let it act while you sleep.

Genosys Products


Soothing and moisturizing peptide gel patches for the eye area, Genosys eye patches have many benefits:

  • lifting effect
  • restores skin structure
  • helps to smooth wrinkles
  • removes a feeling of dryness, tightness
  • some relaxation of facial muscles
  • contributes to the elimination of edema

Innoaesthetics Products

Come in and see our new Innoaesthetic products! We have creams and serums for a wide range of skin issues, such as redness, skin repair, sensitive skin and acne treatments.


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