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All about Brows: Microblading, Combo Brows, Ombré & Powder Brows!

I get asked to explain the differences by almost every client, so I thought I’d share a little about each!

Microblading or Feather Touch Brows: tattooed strokes to replicate the natural brow hair. It is best suited for normal skin types, although not suited for thin, dry, dehydrated or thick oily skin types, which may impact the results once healed, as Microblading can expand and blur under the skin, causing ashy or red tones after a few months. 

Example of Microblading

Combo Brows: both Microblading and Machine Shading is used to create a seemingly fuller, yet still natural looking brow. It is best suited for normal and combination skin types. Machine Shading will help to maintain retention and colour longer than Microblading alone, which lasts roughly 10-12months. 

Example of Combo Brows

Soft or Bold Ombré Brows: A flattering brow that creates fullness and definition, while remaining soft and natural. It is best suited for most skin types and all ages. Ombré brows will heal well and true to colour; however, they may fade earlier than anticipated, but usually last 12 months. 

Example of Soft Ombré Brows

Powder Brows: A statement brow of solid colour; full from start to end, and both defined and structured! It is best suited for most skin types, heals bolder than Ombré… much like makeup. It is not suited for thin or dry skin types, as it can cause dark ashy patching from over saturated skin and roughly lasts 12-18months. 

Example of Powder Brows

Please feel free to book a free consultation with me, Penny, if you’d like to discuss what option may be best for you. There’s always an option for everybody!


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