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The Beauty of Change

We all experience change.

Change is fluid and can be negative or positive. When things change in your life, it can impact on your mental health and well-being. You may even feel out of control in situations that you didn’t expect; however, keeping an open and positive frame of mind may well benefit your mental health!

When good or bad change happens in our lives, we need to make an adjustment.

In researching for this blog, I found that our outlook on the world affects how we deal with new situations. It appears that if we generally have a negative outlook on life, major changes may worsen these feelings. Negative thoughts and feelings can lead to greater stress, whilst positive thoughts were found to increase the good endorphins that help us cope and decrease stress levels.

A mindfulness Professor wrote “without change, survival would be impossible. Culture, agriculture, education, businesses would all fail. You don’t have to like all aspects of change, but there may be useful or interesting benefits as well” – something I felt was thought provoking…

Change, and personal growth and development have been well established in research findings. Being in one’s own comfort zone can lead to some contentment for a while, but as time goes by, we lose or don’t acquire confidence, abilities, and skills; we become ‘out of touch’.

From the research, I have come to the realisation that embracing change with open arms can be powerful! It can make us adaptable. We learn to let go of our set ways and become flexible. We learn to adapt to new people, new environments, and new situations. 

In the long run, being positive leads to more happiness and less stress – something should all be striving for!

Love Chrissie


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