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We don't age...We 'grow up'!

I believe the process of ‘growing up’ is a very natural one; it begins at conception and continues throughout our lifetime.

The way someone ‘grows up’ depends on many things: heredity, physical health, nutrition, mental health, and other external and environmental factors. Believe it or not, some scientists feel that we humans have a built-in “biological clock” which would run for 130 years if no diseases or illnesses affected the body! Imagine that coffee group meeting!

But…does how we feel about ourselves affect how we ‘grow up’?

Many people have negative assumptions about ‘growing up’, including a belief that we older people automatically become incompetent, slow, depressed, lose our memory and are unable to enjoy life! These stereotypes are developed at a very young age and continue to influence us well into our adult years – that’s just not cricket!

Upon researching for this blog, I found many studies show that in the last 50 years, the health status of we grownups has improved. There is even evidence that a large percentage of those aged 65 and older, have the same physical and mental capabilities as those who are much younger…Yeeha!

So, eat healthy, have a positive attitude and be active. When you look in the mirror, admire your positive attributes – of which there are always many! If we do these three simple things, we can delay some ‘growing up’-related diseases and conditions, which is crucial to us living a long and healthy life!

To summarise, I found a fabulous quote written by an unknown author:


Love Chrissie


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