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Vanity vs Sanity?

One of the most common phrases we hear in our clinic is, “am I just being vain?”.

Being asked this question so often, prompted me to do a bit of research and confirm that our perspective is one that is shared by many.

Our lovely clients are sometimes confused by their own emotions surrounding their appearance; this begs the question, can issues around our appearance affect our wellbeing?

We find ourselves guiding them towards the best outcome for their own happiness more often than you think. Sometimes that means having no treatment at all!

Some scientists say, that from birds who spend hours primping and preening, to chimps and apes who socially groom, appearance is an asset. It keeps them clean from disease, increases social interaction, and attracts a mate through appearing fertile and healthy. Are we really that different? We humans also have an instinctive drive to want to present ourselves as healthy and attractive – to find a partner, feel confident, to reproduce, and to socially express ourselves and our needs.

Over time, trends have come and gone; however, this fundamental drive has been with us forever. And in recent years, we are seeing that both men and women have much more interest in their appearance.

Is it the internet? Is it the never-ending availability of digital content at our fingertips that drives us to want our appearance enhanced or tweaked?

With social media, we carry around an immediate and constant influence with us at all hours of the day. We have a thought, type in the search bar, and boom!...Suddenly we are bombarded with adverts that appear to have read our minds – and insecurities! It’s only recently have we started learning about how suggestible we are to this.

Social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook (our main platforms for marketing I might add!) are incredibly visual, and online influencers need to look beautiful to climb the algorithm - and, ultimately, influence!

Many of us also misjudge that person wanting to gain confidence, to return to work after children; to get back out there after a relationship breakdown, competing against younger models coming into their industry, as someone seeking to feed their vanity. There are also a multitude of us who still feel young on the inside and would love the person they see in the mirror to reflect this; thus, the company name…Truyou!

So, with the above factors in mind, we will always strive to offer our services and professional care to those of you who would genuinely benefit, and enjoy longer term happiness and wellness, versus those who need to be guided and protected.

Perhaps our life experience, appearance medicine experience, along with our “grown up” status, gives us wisdom to share…

Chrissie, Suzie, Penny and Lucy


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