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Fears people have about Cosmetic Tattooing

Considering getting your eyebrows done?

As your most important facial feature, it’s well worth making sure they look their best. A low-maintenance way to ensure they stay absolutely flawless is to opt for semi-permanent makeup, or cosmetic tattooing: perfect if you have sparse hairs, patches or overly plucked eyebrows that you’d like to appear fuller. The result? A long-term way to genuinely say ‘I woke up like this’!

Understandably there are some common questions, worries and straight out fears that people typically have when it comes to any kind of physical change.  Some of these fears are grounded in misinformation, so we thought we’d try to get the story straight – and let you know that you’re not alone!

Fear: Is it actually a tattoo, and will it hurt?

First of all, it is technically a facial tattoo (though different depth and ink to a body tattoo). As both the handheld microblading tool and the digital machine used to get that ‘powdered’ or filled-in brow look are breaking the skin, there is a small amount of pain involved.  Penny uses two different types of numbing creams which are applied to the eyebrow area before and during treatment, to minimise any discomfort you may have. The ‘pain’ is more than tolerable, and feels much more like a waxing session than a traditional tattoo… nowhere near as painful!

Fear: What if trends change – am I stuck with my brows?

Long story short? The short answer is no.  Penny uses high quality, semi-permanent solutions to a common issue of getting eyebrows to look beautiful, even and full – which means that over time, they will fade. It’s recommended you ‘refresh’ the colour, shape and style every 12-18 months (depending on a range of factors including skin type, lifestyle/how active you are, etc). Essentially, they will completely fade over time – but the opportunity is that you can change up how they look according to the latest trends, your personal preferences and tastes – and you are most definitely not stuck with the eyebrows you choose today for the next 50 years!

Fear: What if I don’t like them?

It’s highly unlikely you will be unhappy with brows from the Truyou team due to the collaborative process Penny undertakes when deciding the shape, style and colour of your final look. This process involves checking in with you, and taking into consideration your face shape, your makeup style and overall look, as well as what you personally want – to make sure that the end result is something you are extremely happy with. You will always have a say at every step, so there’s no fear of ending up with something you didn’t agree to.

Fear: Will they look like cosmetic tattooing did 20 years ago?

Thankfully, we have come along way since cosmetic tattooing burst onto the scene in the 90s! Those gaudy, paper-thin eyebrow tattoos that unfortunately faded to a nasty greenish hue are a relic of the past. Hooray – and phew! Permanent makeup has been all but completely replaced with semi-permanent solutions that involve a very, tiny blade or handheld tool tapping into your skin so that ink can fill the tiny cut and ‘tattoo’ you. The result is a completely natural-looking eyebrow when it's done correctly – miles away from the look older generations will be all too familiar with.

Fear: How do I know I can trust my brow artist?

Research, research, research! It’s important to know who your artist is and look at their previous work. If you love what you see, that’s a good sign as you’ll no doubt end up with something similar (but of course tailored to your own face shape and personal preferences). As with any procedure, you must have confidence in your artist and be comfortable with the procedure and its detail. Since you’re reading this blog, you’re already on your way – good job! From here, we would suggest checking out Penny’s clients’ brows on Facebook, Instagram or our website. This will give you an idea of how yours might look, as she posts plenty of before and after shots.

Although these are the main fears, you may have others that we haven’t listed. If that’s the case, reach out and get in touch with us - we will be more than happy to discuss any concerns, questions or issues with you!


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